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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We all deserve opportunities to pursue rewarding work, feel a part of the community, and find enrichment through hobbies and new experiences. For adults with developmental disabilities and their families, finding these opportunities can be difficult. Lifestyles for the Disabled supports individuals throughout Staten Island with the resources and programs needed to build relationships, gain independence, and enjoy life more fully. For developmental disabilities information for Staten Island, please see our FAQ below.
Lifestyles for the Disabled was founded in 1994 as a partnership between parents, community organizations, local businesses, and developmentally disabled adults. We are a not for profit 501(c) organization that seeks to offer program participants exposure to real-life work experiences and recreational opportunities in Staten Island, throughout the five boroughs, New York State, and the eastern seaboard.
Our programs serve more than 400 developmentally disabled adults in Staten Island.
Our programs are open to adults ages 21 or older who are covered by Medicaid and have Office for People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) eligibility.

Lifestyles for the Disabled is proud to offer a variety of programs that support vocational and recreational opportunities for developmentally disabled adults, including:

Please contact the Intake Department at 718-983-5351 ext. 258 and fill out the necessary documents. Participants will also need to complete a screening process; please contact us for additional information.

Programs are offered Monday through Friday for 12 months each year. Some programs may offer varying hours, while others operate on schedules determined by the program participant and their specialist. Please see individual services or contact us for more information.

Program hours run from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Extended day programs are also available; please contact us for more information.

Programs are held during the summer, although breaks are held on legal holidays. Please see the annual schedule for the most current information.

Transportation is provided to and from programs.

Programs maintain a ratio of one staff member to three or four program participants. This helps ensure that every individual receives adequate attention and personalized support to make the most of their services.

Yes. Our services include a wide variety of work and volunteer activities that help participants feel more integrated with their Staten Island community. Individuals have the opportunity to donate their time and efforts to community organizations, or explore careers with Employment Options & Services programs, which include:

  • Community Pre-Vocational Services
  • Pathways to Employment Service
  • Support Employment Services (SEMP) / Employment Training Program (ETP)

We also offer employment experiences and opportunities via TeeStyles, a not-for-profit custom garment service, TechStyles, an after-school healthy snack option at S.I. Tech high school, and The Lifestyles Café and S.I. Zoo Café, offering catering at each venue.

Lifestyles for the Disabled is committed to the health and safety of all program participants. To meet every individual’s medical needs, we maintain an on-staff nurse at all times.

Yes. Programs are accessible to all participants, regardless of physical disabilities. Please contact us for more information about accommodating specific needs.

Lifestyles for the Disabled does not provide meals. Please note that participants should plan to bring a lunch or dine at the Lifestyles Café at their own expense. However, Day Habilitation program students do receive a $10 monthly credit.

At Lifestyles for the Disabled, we understand the importance of staff continuity for all programs. Participants are best served when they’re able to build lasting relationships with program staff and have a consistent support network for months or years. Our staff turnover is typically low, and program staff members are highly dedicated to the success of the participants.

We strive to provide the best services available to all program participants. However, we also understand that at times participants and their families may have concerns or questions or need changes to an existing program. Please contact the Program Supervisor to discuss problems or changes.

Learn more about online donations.

For more information, please contact Lifestyles for the Disabled by calling 718-983-5351 ext. 258.

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