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Community Habilitation

Community Habilitation in Staten Island​

Serving Staten Island, New York for more than 25 years, Lifestyles for the Disabled strives to provide recreational and vocational opportunities for the area’s developmentally disabled adults. These services include Community Habilitation, which offers a personalized program of social skills activities for adults with developmental disabilities to support independence. Upon completing Community Habilitation activities, a program participant will also be more prepared to fully partake in their community.

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What Is Community Habilitation?

Community Habilitation is a truly person centered opportunity for a one to one experience to build a unique set of skills. Participants can choose what activities and skills they would like to achieve while working out a custom made schedule. The goal is to build an individual’s community integration and independence.

Just a few Community Habilitation opportunities include, but are not limited to:

  • Shopping for food
  • Purchasing clothing
  • Creating a workout routine
  • Maintaining healthy eating choices
  • Travel skills
  • Money management
  • Leisure activities
  • Development of other skills that support inclusion and healthy relationships

Upon completing the program, participants will be better prepared for full inclusion within the community and more independent living.

Who Can Participate in Community Habilitation?

Lifestyles for the Disabled programming, including Community Habilitation, Day Habilitation, Employment Options & Services, and more serves more than 400 developmentally disabled adults. Lifestyle programs are held Monday through Friday year-round, although Community Habilitation participants will create a personalized schedule tailored to their needs.

To participate in the Community Habilitation program, individuals must meet the following requirements:

  • Medicaid eligibility
  • Office for People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) eligibility
  • Completion of a screening process

For more information on eligibility and requirements, please see the Program Coordinator.

What are the Benefits of Community Habilitation Services?

By partaking in social skills activities for adults with developmental disabilities, program participants are able to identify their own goals and learn how to take the steps necessary to achieve them. It’s a great opportunity to improve communication skills, experience new things, and build lifelong interests and capabilities.

What’s more, the program gives individuals a chance to take control of their services with a person-centered approach. No two programs are exactly alike, and each program gives the individual a stronger voice in his or her future. After completing the program, the person will be better prepared to live independently and feel like a fully integrated community member.

Learn More about Community Habilitation Services for Staten Island Today

By participating in the Community Habilitation program, individuals can enjoy social skills activities for adults with developmental disabilities that will prepare them for more independent, more successful futures. To learn more about Lifestyles for the Disabled, the Community Habilitation program, and other services, or to schedule a tour of our Willowbrook Campus or the Lifestyles Educational Center in Staten Island, NY, please contact the Intake Department at 718-983-5351 ext. 258.

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