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Employment Options & Services

Training and Development of Employable (Pre-Vocational and Vocational) Skills, Career Planning and Job Retention

Community Prevocational Services

This service prepares people for paid employment or unpaid meaningful activities in the community. It focuses on teaching pre-employment skills that will help the person to become as independent as possible in his/her path to become employed in the future. For people who are employed, this service will focus on teaching non-task related skills that will help the person to become a better employee. Such skills are to increase productivity, problem solve, acquire appropriate attitudes and work habits, among other areas to help excel in his/her job. This service will be provided for 6 hours during the day, as per OPWDD Prevocational Services Regulations. This service lasts for a year or more based on the annual prevocational assessment and the needs of the person.


People interested in this service must meet the following criteria:

  • The person must have an employment related goal in his/her plan of Service/Life Plan.
  • The person much be willing to be trained to travel in the community using other resources than the agency’s vehicle, such as public transportation, Access A Ride, Car Service, etc. Or the person must have their own transportation.
  • The person must have a medication administration assessment and be as independent as possible in administering his/her medication if the medication is scheduled to be administered while receiving services in the community. Or the person should not take medication during the times that they are receiving services.
  • If the person is currently enrolled in Day Hab Services five days per week, the person must be willing to reduce some of the days in Day Hab Services to allocate days for Community Prevocational Services.

Enrollment Process:

Once person states his/her interest in obtaining employment in the future or is interested in improving work related skills outside the job, the person or Care Manager will reach out to Lifestyles stating his/her clients’s interest. The following will be required:

  • Annual Physical Exam with PPD and full blook panel within a year.
  • Psychological Evaluation within three years.
  • Psychosocial Evaluation within three years.
  • Most Recent Full ISP/Life Plan.
  • ISP/Life Plan addendum for Community Prevocational Services.
  • LOC within a year.
  • Copy of Social Security Card.
  • Copy of Medicaid Card.
  • Copy of Birth Certificate.

If the person currently receives services from Lifestyles, once all documents are received, the Director will request an enrollment meeting to establish a preliminary schedule of services and service goals. Upon agreement of the schedule; a target start date of services will be established and the Care Manager will submit the units requested for the services to OPWDD Regional Office through a Service Request Amendment (SRA).

Pathways to Employment Service

This is a person centered one year employment planning and personal discovery support service. This is the first step in the person’s path to become employed. Individuals are supported to identify their career interests and choose three of those interests that they would like to explore. Individuals are then assessed and exposed to experiences to build on the skills they need in order to meet the basic requirement for employment in their area of interest. A discovery report is prepared through interviews, observations, assessments and training to help the person build on their skills and learn what the next step is, as he/she sets a personal path to be employed in the future.

Supportive Employment Services

ETP- Employment Training Program

This program offers an opportunity for individuals to gain work experience through an on-the-job, paid internship that will allow the person to step into a possible employment opportunity as an intern and if successful, the person will continue employment with the business the internship was established. During this time, Interns are temporary State Employees, are paid at minimum wage and are covered under the Workers’ Compensation and General Liability Insurance through New York State. Individuals are supported by Lifestyles as approved by the ETP Supervisor in Career Discovery and Job Development. Individuals that have been exposed to vocational training while in High School, have received Pathways to Employment services and are ready for employment, but need additional support to build on their skills, are ideal candidates for this service. People interested must meet eligibility for OPWDD waiver services. An ETP application needs to be completed and submitted to the OPWDD ETP Supervisor for approval.

Job Coaching & Job Retention

Supportive Employment provides job coaching to individuals that are employed in the community. Job Coaches are there to assist the individuals in training, conflict resolution with employers and to help them maintain their employment. Also, additional training on skill development outside the job is provided to help the person to advance in their current job or explore other employment interests.


If interested, please contact Yeimi Korsberg at 718-983-5351 ext 240