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Supplemental Day Habilitation (OPTS)

Supplemental Day Habilitation Transition Program/Opportunities to Prepare for Transitional Services (OPTS)

Information and Frequently Asked Questions

This program is designed to prepare High School individuals ages 14 – 21 for the transition from school to adult services. It operates Monday – Thursday from 3:00 PM – 7:30 PM, transportation is then provided home. The program looks to build life and social skills through various experiences.

Frequently asked questions……..

Does my child need Medicaid? Yes

Does my child need OPWDD’S Eligibility? Yes

Does my child need to go through OPWDD’S “Front Door”? Yes

What are the ages? 14-21

Is there any cost for the program? No, there is no cost to the family, the program is a Medicaid Waiver Program.

When does the program run? Program runs Monday through Thursday (Sept-Early August), two opportunities a week. We also offer Weekend Trips.

What are the times for the program? The program hours start sharply at 3pm – 7:30pm

Does my child need to attend the full 4.5 hours? Yes, it is important the individuals attend the entire 4.5 hours.

Are meals provided during the program hours? Yes, dinner or lunch will be provided as appropriate for the time of day.

Is Transportation provided? Transportation is provided home during the weekday program when your son/daughter is scheduled to attend. We do not provide transportation for the weekend trips.

Do you have 1:1 staffing? No, we do NOT provide 1:1 staffing.

What is the staffing ratio? Staffing ratio is 1:3 or 1:4

Is there a nurse on staff, who can address the medical needs of my child if necessary? No, we do not have a nurse on staff during program hours; however our staff is First Aid, CPR, SCIP Certified as well as Approved Medication Administration Personnel (AMAP) Certified should there be a medical need. 

Is there a screening process and if so how is that set up? Yes, there is a screening process; an application must be completed and submitted along with appropriate documentation. We have an Intake Committee that reviews and approves the individuals service.


Below are the Participant Interest Sheet and Intake Information Sheet

OPTS Participant Interest Sheet And Intake Information Sheet


For more information and a campus visit and tour, please contact the Intake Department at 718-983-5351 ext. 258