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Day Habilitation

Day Habilitation at Lifestyles for the Disabled offers a comprehensive approach to training, preparing and challenging developmentally disabled individuals to excel in all aspects of their lives- work, recreation, and socialization.  Each individual program is designed using specific goals and support needs for that person.  Individual day habilitation plans are developed in accordance with the participant’s choices and valued outcomes.  These individuals are then placed in working environments that act harmoniously with their specific job goals and abilities.  The ongoing training and preparation of each individual takes place in pursuit of the attainment of their valued outcomes within the community and in their life.

A working partnership with the Staten Island business community provides our agency with work sites where program participants are given the opportunity to work, train and socialize as productive citizens.  Through their participation in this program, participants are able to leave traditionally segregated programs which insulate them from normal life experiences and limit their choices.  Lifestyles provides the means for people with mild to severe developmental disabilities to develop self-respect, obtain valued functional and productive roles within the community.

A more detailed description of each aspect of the day habilitation program and the services offered can be found by navigating this website.

Program Contact

Name: Mark Collins, Day Habilitation Director
Phone: (718) 983-5351 EXT.257