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October 15, 2009

New Zumba Fitness Program

With Lifestyles’ new Zumba program, staff and participants are in constant motion, staying fit.

Celebrity Fitness Trainer Beto Perez invented the dynamic fitness program one day when he forgot to bring his “normal” aerobics music to his workout class. Beto substituted the beats with tradi-tional Latin salsa and meringue, and improvised his whole class.

The Zumba phenomenon is comprised of a combination of fast and slow Latin dance steps. Music choices and choreographies differ in each class and add a local flavor. The New York City Parks Department has been instrumental in bringing Zumba to Lifestyles. Greenbelt staff reserve the Recrea-tion Center’s Aerobic Fitness room each day for our programs. Groups of participants head to the Rec Center twice a day. Each group spends an hour stretching, working with weights and mats, and Zumba dancing. With this total work out, members are able to focus their strengths in the different activities.

I lead Zumba classes 4 to 8 times a week, Monday through Thurs-day. We hold classes in both mornings and afternoons. Everyone enjoys working at their own pace and love getting into shape.

We recently did a demonstration at the College of Staten Island for the Transition Fair. The following people participated in our dem-onstration: Ronnie R., Kenny T., Danielle D., Ann Marie L., Jillian H., Vicky F., Juan D., Kara T., John N., Yoni C., Shayna C., Matthew W., and Raheem H.

The unfamiliar sounds of the traditional Latin music are intriguing and unleash a new spirit of movement in partici-pants.

To learn more about Zumba, please visit